Newsletter: AI for Radio Resource Optimisation

Newsletter outlining AIMM WP4 areas of work around applications of AI/ML for PHY, including Channel Estimation and MIMO Detection, User Localisation and Channel Charting, CSI Compression in FDD Massive MIMO, and RF Anomaly Detection: AIMM-Newsletter-AI-for-PHY-Sep-2021

PIMRC’21 RIS Workshop: Joint AIMM, ARIADNE, and RISE-6G Workshop on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

The PIMRC’21 Workshop on RIS, jointly hosted by AIMM, ARIADNE, and 6G-RISE project consortiums, took place on the September 13, 2021.  The workshop program included the following keynotes by three distinguished experts on the topic: Rebuilding the theoretical foundations...

Newsletter: Antenna Arrays & Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

Newsletter outlining AIMM WP3 areas of focus towards MIMO Evolution, including Antenna Array Geometries, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, and Power Amplifier Enhancements: AIMM-Newsletter-MIMO-E-Aug-2021

Newsletter: AI for Network Operation & Management

The principles and frameworks being considered within AIMM WP5 on AI for Network Operation and Management are outlined in the following document: AIMM-Newsletter-AI-Network-O&M-July-2021

Newsletter: AIMM Use Cases Defined

To link the activities of the different AIMM work-packages to user requirements, AIMM has defined specific Use Cases as described in the following document: AIMM-Newsletter-Use-Cases-June-2021

AIMM Simulator Documentation Release

AIMM simulator documentation is now online at  

ICT’21 RIS Workshop: joint ARIADNE, RISE-6G, and AIMM projects workshop on RIS technology

RIS Workshop at ICT’21 conference jointly hosted by ARIADNE, 6G-RISE, and AIMM project consortiums, intending to bring academic and industrial researchers together to stimulate and shape further development of RIS technology towards incorporation onto B5G/6G cellular standards, and eventually...

Press Release: InterDigital Announces Participation in the AIMM Project

New European collaborative project consortium AIMM examines AI algorithms in the 5G RAN to improve Massive MIMO technology performance and drive ubiquitous access to 5G. Link to the full article: InterDigital Announces Participation in AIMM Project to (

Press Release: Vilicom, BT, UK academia gain funding to spearhead 5G and AI research

UK-based wireless technology provider and mobile communications system integrator Vilicom has been awarded a grant alongside BT Labs and Bristol and Loughborough Universities to take part in leading 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) scientific studies. Link to the full...

Cambridge Wireless Presentation: AI for Massive MIMO

Presentation by AIMM Project Coordinator, Dr Arman Shojaeifard, at the Cambridge Wireless event: “Is your radio smarter than you? Applying AI to radio communications”. Link to the presentation: AI for Massive MIMO (

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